KonigSurf.Club website – Мастерская визуальных продуктов Дениса Артемьева

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Identity of KonigSurf.Club

KonigSurf.Club website

the first Kaliningrad surfing club and surf-training



Art director, designer: Denis Artemiev
Web-developer: Pavel Soimin

Promo-site is designed for those who want to get acquainted and learn to surf.

The club hosts classes in several disciplines, which help to master surfing and other types of water sports. Each discipline is laconically presented by the instructor’s parting word.

Directly on the site you can enroll for training.

Photos and retouching

Photographer: Dennis Artemiev
Make-up artist: Irina Korotkova
Models: Alexey Isakov, Alexander Balyakin
Photostudio “Helios”, Kaliningrad

Over 380 photos were taken, five of which were selected for posting on the KonigSurf.Club promo site

KonigSurf.Club websiteKonigSurf.Club website

Each character is carefully retouched and is separated from the background.

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