Konturterm Corporate Identity – Мастерская визуальных продуктов Дениса Артемьева

Promo video SEAC AB 2017

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Corporate Identity


Art-director: Dennis Artemiev
Designers: Dennis Artemiev, Alexander Vozny

The group of companies “Konturterm” was founded in 1993 and specializes in bundling, supply and installation of equipment for boiler houses, industrial and domestic heating systems, water supply, water treatment, drainage and sewerage. In Studio developed a corporate style based on the existing logo.

Departments and divisions names to give uniformity appearance. Also created the visual system of layout additional information in standard blocks.

Dynamically generated pattern using as additional graphic element of style. It have a red and a blue tint of color.

Created styling pictograms for quick designation of main company’s services.

As the main style-building element in the new corporate style of Konturterm uses two lines, identical in color and thickness with the logo lines. Lines develop graphics and interact with other elements of the style (pictograms, patterns), while the style itself does not lose its recognizability.